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The Subtle Body, An Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy
Book review by Debra Saxton

Author Cyndi Dale has compiled an impressive body of work in The Subtle Body, An
Encyclopedia of Your Energetic Anatomy.
Culled from numerous sources, this compilation
is a comprehensive reference book covering all aspects of the human energetic anatomy
Written for health care professionals and individuals alike, this book provides multiple
illustrations, terminology, graphs, research studies, side-bars and more, to help bring a better
understanding about the human body’s energetic nature.

Ms. Dale traces the path of subtle energies from systems and healing methods developed thousands of years ago, to the exciting studies that are verifying its existence in laboratories, clinics, institutes and universities today. She cites as her sources esoteric manuscripts, sacred texts, long-recognized medical authorities, active practitioners, scientific manuals, research laboratory studies, government agency resources, associations and information-specific journals. She also draws from disciplines including quantum physics, bioenergetic science, sacred geometry, and books related to the specific healing areas she covers. The research she cites presents a strong argument for working causally, not just symptomatically when addressing the imbalances and disease in the human body and its energetic counterparts.

There is a section in the book that delves into the human anatomy to explain the interconnectedness of our physical bodies with our energetic counterparts. Ms. Dale goes to great lengths to explain the energetic differences between the two. She suggests that our  physical body is just an extension of the energetic body. In her anatomical coverage, she emphasizes the energetic aspects of the body's system.

The majority of the book is dedicated to understanding the subtle energy structures such as fields, channels, and bodies (like chakras). Her presentation includes a variety of cultural beliefs and traditions as well as groundbreaking studies using leading edge equipment. Each section of the book emphasizes the scientific evidence substantiating the existence of each of the subtle energy structures. She follows up with descriptions of many different methods available as alternative treatments and how they impact our subtle systems. Some of the modalities she covers includes energy healing, sound therapy, acupuncture, crystals, reflexology and many more.

With this extensive resource, you gain an in-depth understanding of our subtle energy system. You can also become your own best authority on how to (and which type of) alternative therapies to integrate into your healthcare practices.