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A master of communicating presence and spirituality through her music, Karen Drucker's performances at our 2016 Symposium set a magical tone for the weekend's activities.  She played an upbeat 20-minute set during our Opening Reception on Saturday night, then continued to grace our Pinning Ceremony with her sweetly healing tones.  On Sunday, she opened the Symposium with a song that set a mood of love and sharing, then continued interweaving background music and uplifting songs throughout the day.    Click here to learn more about Karen's musical magic.


Six optional two-hour workshops organized in two tracks allowed attendees to attend up to three presentations and earn up six CEs on Saturday:

Laurie Ratto, RN, HTCP, CCA, How to Enrich your Body, Mind & Spirit Using Essential Oils -- Attendees experienced four powerful oils, gaining knowledge about their multiple uses; how they affect the physical body, emotions, and energetic field; and why it is important to use therapeutic grade oils for healing. Visit Laurie's website>

Michele Bernhardt, CHTP, RM/I, Beyond Visualization: Creating Your Online Presence --  The workshop began with a step-by-step presentation on how to create websites with easy-to-use, highly cutomizable templates, then moved onto a real-time demonstration of building a website from scratch.  Visit Michele's website>

Carol Kinney, BSN, HNC, CHTP, HTCP/I, Expanding Your Practice through Advanced Assessment & Techniques -- Attendees learned how to increase assessment skills of the chakras, field, hara and core star, and new techniques to shift energy, balance, clear, replenish and bless the whole energy system. Learn more about Carol>

Teena Miller,Certified Laughter Therapist,Laughter Yoga Therapy: Smiles N Laughter R The Best Vitamins  -- Participants experienced the dynamics of how intentionally laughing harder and longer in a group reduces stress and promotes many health benefits.  Visit Teena's website>

Robin White Turtle Lysne, MA, MFA, PhD, Heart Path: Learning to Love Yourself & Listen to Your Guides -- Attendees learned about Heart Path, a unique guided imagery process that helps to heal stresses that arise from the splits we have internally when different aspects of ourselves are in conflict with one another.  Visit Robin's website>

Rita Kluny, RN, BSN, MTh, CHTP/I, CHN, Healing Touch for Babies -- This workshop was a transformative journey into the wondrous mystery of birth, infancy, and the powers of healing and love.  Attendees learned how to communicate with infants on a deeper level and give healing treatments with love and safety.  Visit Rita's website>

Morning Keynote:  Alice Percy Strauss, LSHC, CYT, CATY, CRI, Founder/Director of Yogatsu® Institute,delivered an inspiring keynote entitled Conscious Energy Psychology, an exploration of the aura, meridians and chakras for in-depth self-study, symptom origination, frequency stabilization and spiritual rehabilitation.  Alice's presentation focused on whole person healing -- physical, mental, emotional, attitudinal, perceptual, energetic and spiritual -- to provide attendees with additional self-awareness, insights and simple to use tools to support, encourage and enhance their own healing from the inside out.  Click here for a copy of Alice's handout>

Nearly 100 HT students, practitioners, instructors and supporters united in healing, love and laughter on April 9th and 10th as we celebrated our 10th anniversary of being the only organization that brings together Healing Touch Program, Healing Beyond Borders, Healing Touch for Animals and Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry in an annual statewide celebration of HT.  It was a magical week-end at the Sofitel Hotel in Redwood City as we enjoyed musical performances by Karen Drucker, were inspired by two amazing keynote speakers, and honed new skills in six optional workshops.

10th Annual Regional Symposium
A DECADE OF UNITY...together we do the work
April 9-10, 2016
Redwood City, CA



Our annual Pinning Ceremony -- beautifully organized by Cathy McJannet and Ann Seckinger -- featured Karen's Drucker uplifting music as our HT community recognized and warmly welcomed five new practitioners and one new instructor. 

New HT practitioners:

  • Lisa Golden was pinned by mentor Cathy McJannet
  • Wendy Falcon was pinned by mentor Yvonne Wultz
  • Maria Celaya was pinned by mentor Donna Cahill
  • Pamela Umali was pinned by mentor Juanita Nunez
  • Nelda Kendall was pinned by mentor Anne Day

New HT instructor Juanita Nunez was pinned by mentor Anne Day.


Many thanks to our attendees for their generosity!  Our raffle and other donations earmarked for scholarships brought in $1,300.  100% of the funds go towards partial scholarships to new students taking entry level HT classes with Healing Touch Program, Healing Beyond Borders, Healing Touch for Animals and Healing Touch Spiritual Ministry.  Learn more about our scholarship program>


Our 10th Annual Symposium featured 17 extraordinary exhibitors providing a wide array of products and services.  Click here for a list of exhibitors and links to their websites>

Afternoon Keynote:  Barbara Evans, Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist, Reiki Master, Shiatsu Practitioner, author, artist and the founder of Crystal Wings Healing Art, presented  Awakening Your Full Potential, a multi-sensory journey of personal growth and empowerment, interweaving and exploring the benefits of high vibrational art, crystals and sacred sound, and the vital role these tools can play in self-care though raising consciousness, deepening the connection with our true essence, and awakening our full potential.  This experiential keynote included building an energy grid, guided messages to help each participant step into their full potential, and a deeply healing guided meditation accompanied by crystal singing bowls.  Click here for a copy of Barbara's presentation.