8:30am-11:30am Morning Keynote:

Beverly Rubik, PhD The Biofield in Health and Healing

Beverly Rubik received her PhD in Biophysics in 1979 at UCBerkeley and is an internationally renowned scientist and scholar who has valuable research spanning decades. Understand how measuring the biofield provides a new perspective, complementary to the mainstream biochemical view of life. Learn the invisible fields that transmit key bio-information, offering energy medicine therapies, to promote harmony with the body's innate dynamics.

Biography and Full Presentation Description

1:00pm-4:00pm Afternoon Keynote: 

Jeanie Ballard, HTCP, CBD, CLC, RMT  Family Constellation – Re-rooting the Family Tree
Using the Family/Systemic Constellations (Epigenetics) Model as a healing modality, we’ll explore historical family relationship patterns that impact health and success. This exciting work is about opening historically closed doors to “re-root (heal) the family tree” to create a greater state of balance and wholeness.
   Biography  and Full Presentation Description

12th Annual Regional Symposium

May 5-6
​Energy & Science-Working Together for Wellness
DoubleTree by Hilton at the Berkeley Marina


Saturday there were eight, two-hour workshops led by highly regarded presenters.  With workshops organized into two tracks, attendees attended up to four presentations to earned up to eight (8) CEs. Below is a list of the Saturday workshops plus a link to the presenters' websites, biographies, and a full description of the workshop.

May 5th **** Saturday Morning ****

8:00am-10:00am (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Laurie Ratto, RN, BSN, HTCP/I, CCA 

The Art and Science of Guided Imagery and Intention
Find the power of your mind and move your body towards better health and enhance your intuition. Experience simple techniques for yourself and clients to feel relaxed and more….  Full class description    Biography

8:00am-10:00am (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Kathleen Pagnini, Inner Core & Pelvic Floor Specialist  

The Corset & the Coat - A ‘work-in’ Program

A revolutionary science based system to address leaking urine, back pain, sexual difficulties, thick waist and more  …. WITHOUT pills, pads, surgery, Kegels or crunches.   Full class description    Biography

10:15am-12:15pm  (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Marcie Anderson, PhD

How to Neutralize Negative Habits to Bring Positive Results

The first step is to recognize patterns and habits. Once they are brought forth in a compassionate and clear way, specific tools can be implemented to no longer rear their ugly head in your life. Creating a place for positive energy and a peaceful, healthy life.                             Full class description    Biography 

10:15am-12:15pm  (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Debra Wright, MA  

Crystals for Healing Touch - Work with Crystals to Enhance Your Healing Touch Practice

Discover how to select specific crystals to clear and heal many wellness issues.  Learn a variety of ways you can work with crystals to heal on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  Full class description    Biography

May 5th ​**** Saturday Afternoon ****

1:15pm – 3:15pm (2 hours, 2 CEs)
MaryAnn Burman, RN, MSN, HTP  

Listening to Yes! - A Guide to Self-Development and Wellness through Listening to Body Heart Wisdom

Overcome doubt, confusion, and overwhelm to follow your own unique path with confidence.  Experience a 5-step Process of Listening to Yes! and a clarifying framework to facilitate becoming an instrument of good.  Full class description    Biography

1:15pm – 3:15pm   (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Robin Lysne, PhD

How Nature Informs Healing - Refine Your Intuition and Healing Practice Through The Spirits of Nature

The four elements are a powerful healing tool to restore balance. In our high tech world we do not recognize that the Earth is a healing tool. Learn how to restore balance to yourselves and your clients for deeper healing through the elements.     Full class description    Biography

3:30pm-5:30pm  (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Srinika Narayan, MS, LAc 

Discover the Power of Muscle Testing - Learn to tap into Your Body’s Inner Intelligence

Muscle Testing or Applied Kinesiology, can help guide you to make healthy decisions in many areas of our life.  Practice the basics of muscle testing, including supervised practice doing muscle testing for yourself, using various foods.          Full class description    Biography

3:30pm-5:30pm  (2 hours, 2 CEs)
Ernesto Hernandez Olmos, MA 

Native Sound Healing - Ancient Vibrational Healing Practices

Use holistic and traditional cultural practices to create ceremonial space and find new ways to reduce stress, strengthen community bonds, and promote inner peace. Sound, mindfulness, and traditional spiritual healing techniques serve to recover balance and reconnect with all relations.     Full class description 

Saturday evening will include an hour for connecting and networking, and then conclude with the annual, lively, pinning ceremony. Hosts Cathy Mc Jannet and Ann Seckinger are guaranteed to make you laugh and touch your heart as we honor newly certified Healing Touch Practitioners.


We will soon be providing and exhibitor list so you can support those who are providing products and services aligned with Healing Touch. 

​​​​         Healing Touch California

     A Network for All Healing Touch Practitioners & Students

It has been an exciting year-- the Healing Touch California 12th Annual Symposium had the theme Energy & Science - Working Together for Wellness. The board assembled two keynote speakers and eight workshop presenters, a variety of esteemed presenters, so participants could choose from a spectrum of informative workshops. Workshops started with releasing negative patterns or saying YES! to integrating crystals, muscle testing, or guided imagery offering tools to expand your practitioner abilities. Revolutionary new systems and ancients ways were also available to address client difficulties. 

The 2018 keynote speakers expanded our awareness of how the biofield provides a new perspective, complementary to the mainstream biochemical view of life. Addressing how invisible fields transmit key bio-information, energy medicine therapies promote harmony with the body's innate dynamics. In addition, by learning how to work with what the body remembers, the root of a specific challenge can be identified and resolved. This work is about freedom – an opening to “re-root the family tree” in healthy and sustainable behaviors. The Board of Directors was honored to have you all enjoy an invigorating, exciting, introspective and educational gathering.