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By Loree K. Oberle-Edwards, RDH, DD, CHTP, HTCP/I



After working with clients, do you ever feel stressed or anxious, exhausted or overwhelmed, enmeshed or overly-responsible?  In your relationships and other life situations, do you ever find yourself wishing you:

  • had more clear and consistent boundaries?
  • could nourish and re-energize  yourself quickly and easily?
  • would communicate clearly, directly and neutrally?
  • felt confident and safe in any kind of situation?

If you answered yes to any of the above,self care tools to preserve, nourish and effectively use your vital life-force energy would be useful to add to your armamentaria.  After over 20 years of doing bodywork and working with the subtle energies, I have learned how important self-care and awareness of our vital life forces are.  By learning simple energy tools that complement your healing touch techniques, you can find out how to quickly feel relaxed, refreshed, and revitalized without long processes or practices.  You can effectively use and preserve your life force energy.

As a Healing Touch Practitioner you do a lot and give a lot.  You make a positive difference in the world through the contribution of your support, skills and caring.  At your core, I know that you love what you do and are driven by a deep desire to contribute to others.  What you do is important and the world needs you to continue sharing your gifts of love and healing.  To do so, you need to be functioning at your best, feeling inspired and motivated to go on another day, month, and year.  Unfortunately, many people in a supportive, caretaking role don’t care for themselves enough or have adequate tools to hold onto and revitalize their energy.  Having learned all too well by experience, I know one of our greatest gifts for healing is sensitivity.  However, without sufficient awareness, we can feel “sensitive” or vulnerable with others or certain circumstances.

With sufficient self-care and a few simple tools, you are able to quickly and easily let go of energies that you may take on from others and replenish your vital life force energy.  You can also avoid absorbing negative or low vibrational energies in virtually any situation and maintain a vibrant life-force.  Some of these simple tools include: Grounding, Running Earth and Cosmic Energies, Replenishing Life-Force, Defining Energy Field/Boundaries, Cleansing Energy Field, Communication Triangle, and Setting Powerful Intentions. 

Click here to learn Communication Triangle, an easy, effective way to set a neutral, supportive space for sharing information with your clients.  This 20-minute audio recording is part of a recent Energy Tools Teleclass program which I have developed and taught with my husband, Cliff  Edwards.  Enjoy!