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By Michele Bernhardt, CHTP, RM/I



Many of us are introduced to pendulums when we take our Healing Touch Level 1 class, often via a white peppermint Lifesaver tied to the end of a string.  Like some of the other students in my Level 1 class, it took me quite a bit of patience, focus and intent before I was successful in using the pendulum to evaluate whether chakras were open or closed.  But the patience paid off, I made my own pendulum from an oval shaped stone and silver chain, and began to regularly use it as a tool to assist me with my (slowly) growing ability to tap into my High Sense Perception.

When I read Barbara Brennan’s Hands of Light in preparation for my Level 3 class, I gained new clarity about the subtle differences in the way the pendulum moves as it is held above a chakra.  It is more than just clockwise for open, counterclockwise or horizontal for compromised, and still for closed.  There are vertical and horizontal elliptical movements; swings that are wide, narrow, fast or slow; and diagonal left-to-right or right-to-left…all with their own diagnosis.  I find it especially interesting to observe erratic clockwise ellipses with axis shifts, which Brennan says are indicative of tremendous positive change taking place due to the client actively and deeply working on issues related to that chakra.

I also began using the pendulum to determine if specific foods, drinks or medicines were good for me.  Over time, I discovered the benefits of paying attention to the wisdom of the interrelationship of the pendulum, my own energy field, and the object or choice I was evaluating…and the sometimes negative consequences of ignoring it.

In 2013, I coordinated an Anatomy for Healers Level 1 class taught by Nancy Lester, who traveled from Annapolis, MD to Burlingame, CA to teach the class.  One of the simplest techniques she taught was Scar Integration.  This technique combines a pendulum reading with Ultrasound to treat scars, surgery sites, IV ports, etc.  Holding the pendulum over the problem area, you ask for guidance about the direction (vertical, horizontal or diagonal) that you should trace a figure eight pattern using Ultrasound.  As you do the Ultrasound figure eight, you will notice an energetic engagement with the tissues.  Interestingly, the axis of the figure eight doesn’t always track with the location or direction of the scar on the skin, since the internal scarring may be quite different.  After a few minutes, you may be guided to change direction as you “reweave” the tissues.   Clients often report a deep healing sensation when I do the Ultrasound figure eight in the direction guided by the pendulum.

I encourage you to explore the versatile power of the pendulum on your own.