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Worth A Read:  Mind Mastery Meditations: A Workbook for The “Infinite Mind”

Book review by Debra Saxton

Mind Mastery Meditations: A Workbook for The “Infinite Mind”  by Valerie V. Hunt, Ed.D., is a compilation of exercises and meditations developed to raise the individual’s level of consciousness. According to the author, this is a continuation of her mind-fields research and is definitively not brain training, since the mind exists in a field, rather than in the denser tissue of the brain.

The goal of the book is to open the closed recesses of the mind-field and reach the areas beyond the brain memories. The mind-field, the author states, is the highest level of memory; a repository that contains information about the physical body, thoughts, feeling states and past and present life experiences, particularly if a memory is of profound experience. The premise is that once this level is accessed, everyday problems can be processed from a higher level of consciousness.

This book is not for the dabbler in metaphysics. Instead, it is a process to learn how to use your consciousness scientifically. These techniques require intellectual work and discipline over a period of time.

The first chapters focus inward and guide the reader in activating the physical energy fields and opening the emotions to promote coherence in the biofields.  Most of the exercises use guided imagery and breathing techniques. Still looking inward, mid-chapters look toward uncovering lifehood details, including this and past lifehoods. Dr. Hunt then turns to self-healing and spirituality.

Once the inward perspectives are mastered, it is time to move on to mastering outward perspectives. Here the author instructs the reader in activities like telepathic sending and receiving, creativity, problem solving and manipulating self-thought.

The end of the book focuses on the physical world. The goal here is to achieve constant communication between your biological field and the fields of the universe and to access the universal repository of vibrating energy.

Each chapter is peppered with detailed instructions and helpful suggestions. The author asserts that with practice, your consciousness should be quite fluid and your Mind Mastery skills more developed.