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By Carol Kinney



I received an email from a student which caught my attention.  A particular comment she made—highlighted in her note below in italics—created in me an interest to respond to her remarks. This student was part of a Healing Touch level 3 class, most of whom had taken the levels l, 2 and 3 together, and were going on to Level 4. This was a unique situation in my teaching experiences.

To Carol,
Whoo, hoo!  I got the time off from work and am registered for level 4! Thanks for sending all the positive energy to make that happen. Thanks for the great HT 3 weekend. I am sure you’re glad your responsibilities are over, but I wish it could go on forever. See you in a few weeks.

…and here is my reply:

Hi Mary,
Terrific! So glad you were able to get the time off and are able to come to level 4. Then it is unanimous, all of you from the last level 3 class are coming! That will be a record for my classes.  It is a great opportunity for so many students from the same level 3 to be able to share at level 4. That is rare in my experiences and truly quite beautiful. It is a lovely extension for what all of you have created to this point. It is very special indeed and it is not going away.

If you would allow me... I would like to use your comments about “my responsibility being over” to give you and your classmates an insight into the true nature of our HT work and our connections. I would like all of you to understand what you are getting into, that is, HT is all about connecting and creating an ongoing community, one that supports and learns together, and that works well together spreading the word about Healing Touch.

If I have given you the impression that I will no longer be involved in your HT life that would be very inaccurate. Instead of my responsibilities being over, they continue since we are, in fact, just all deepening and expanding our connections. That is one of the reasons I love HT. We do not walk away from one another after a class, unless someone chooses to, but we build upon our connections, our healing skills, and expand our personal growth as we do so.

Those of us who have been in HT know we are here for the long haul. We are here to do this very important work we have come to love, we are here to keep our connections with colleagues and clients we have come to admire. We have come to rely on our HT communities that so beautifully support us, and on the members who are constantly co-creating more avenues for HT by spreading their creativity and integrating HT into the many facets of their lives. We have established incredible connections through this very heart centered work. Healing Touch is the glue that bonds us together.

You and your classmates are joining a very active HT community. Our Bay Area community has expanded tremendously since I took my first HT class with Janet in 1990. There is an incredible future opening for all of us as we continue to grow together. The class coordinators, the helpers, your teachers, and other students can continue to be in your HT life! There are many local gatherings and clinics to support your continued journey into HT. There are many regional and even international conferences where you can meet other HT friends. For example there will be a Healing Touch California Symposium in San Diego on April 20th and 21st, 2013 where we will have wonderful keynote representatives from HTP and HTI talking about self care. There are now thousands of sisters and brothers around the world who have taken HT classes. HTI and HTP have international conferences where you can meet these like-minded wonderful women and men. You see, there is a huge greater Healing Touch community you have yet to meet. You are joining a family of skilled and creative healers that are inspired and determined to make a difference in our world...as Janet Mentgen intended us to do.

My responsibilities are far from over, and, as it works for you, our connection is open well into the future. I will see you at HT 4, because I will be there too, teaching the HT level 5 and one day, I suspect, you will be back for a HT 5 class. I will continue to love hearing your stories, and anticipate seeing your progress because it brings me so much joy. Our connection that started in class is far from over. We can go on and this is really only just the beginning!
With love, light, appreciation,