​​         Healing Touch California

     A Network for All Healing Touch Practitioners & Students

Committee Members

Michele McNiff, RN, BSN, HTP, 500hr RYT
Director & Communications Committee Chair
San Francisco, CA 
Personal statement:   My first Healing Touch class in 2001 was a life changing experience. Since then I have been a Healing Touch volunteer at the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara and Stanford Healing Partners. Interweaving a holistic approach as a Cardiac Cath lab nurse at Kaiser Hospital in San Francisco is my life. I also teach Kundalini yoga and am working towards my Masters degree in Advanced Holistic Nursing.  Being part of  Healing Touch California is exciting. The mainstream acceptance of ancient Biofield therapies is happening, allowing each human to recognize their innate ability to self heal.

If you would like to be in service and support Healing Touch California, who support all Healing Touch clients, students, and practitioners in California - we would appreciate your participation on a committee.  Simply email us and let us know how you would like to help at: 


Currently we are looking for a newsletter  writer & editor.

Patti Restaino, MA, HTPA
Oakland, CA
Personal Statement:  My motivation to be on the Healing Touch CA board is fueled by my belief Healing Touch is a gift.  Anyone can give or receive the gift of Healing Touch and experience being balanced and harmonized by aligning one’s body, mind, heart, and spirit. I intend to emphasize  growing the organization through inclusiveness, by offering a heart-felt invitation to multi-cultural communities. Our richness expands as the diversity of Healing Touch clients and practitioners expand.  All of my actions are inspired by the clear direction of the founder Janet Mentgen, “Just do the work!”

Beth Corbisez, CLS, CHTP

Janie Currey, MA, RN, HTCP

Canyon Lake, CA
Personal Statement:  Healing Touch California as a beautiful bridge between the two organizations, resolving disruption by encouraging us to simply “Do the work."   The opportunity to be in community without leaving the openness of California is a blessing for those with financial, employment, or family constraints.  This community grows with the honor of our elders, the excitement of new practitioners, and fresh approaches to understanding by students. 

Healing Touch California Board of Directors

Loree Oberle-Edwards, DD, CHTP, HTCP/I, CCA
Chief Administrative Officer
San Diego, CA
Personal statement:   My mission is to inspire, educate and support everyone in expressing their Divine Connection and Wholeness (Holiness) through the practices of giving and receiving Healing Touch, Community Activities and Service; to maintain order and hold the foundation and integrity of Healing Touch California; and to facilitate expansion and growth in the organization so it is visible, respected and well known as a valuable, Professional Community that is of service and highly recognized as a catalyst for Wholeness.

Madeleine Ferbal, HHP, CHTP, HTCP, HTACP/I
San Diego, CA
Personal statement:  As a member of the board, my intention is to help spread the word and educate all on the benefits that Healing Touch provides to people as well as to animals.  I intend to help grow our like-minded community with a heart-centered focus.  I am committed to increasing the awareness that we can ALL do healing energy work creating a positive difference with animals and their people that will transform communities.  I am grateful and excited for this opportunity to serve and to be a voice for this work in California.