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By Anne L. Day, BSN, MA, HNB-BC, CHTP/I



Writing in a journal can access deep healing responses.  Through my practice as a Healing Touch practitioner and Holistic Nurse, I have practiced using the journal to facilitate healing.  What I have found is that writing accesses deeper levels of self,  thus connecting with inner wisdom and guidance for self-healing.  Those who begin to use the journal report that they feel as though they have discovered a new friend.  The various tools that the journal offers, opens up the doors for self-understanding and empowerment.  I have used the journal for my own healing journey which has truly convinced me of its great value for personal growth.

Unfortunately, many people believe that journaling means another daily obligation.  Others have fears about not being able to write well.  The journal's value comes in seeing it as a place for self-expression with no judgments, no obligations and no rules.  It is a place of total acceptance, like an always-present therapist and friend.

In a recent class, one of the participants said that she loved learning various tools for journaling, which has stimulated her desire to journal more again.   She had been writing daily accounts of her life with no "zest" attached and it took all the joy out of journaling for her.  Some of the most helpful "tools" are:  Springboards, Clustering, Alpha Poems, Captured Moments, Character Sketch, Dialogue, Inner Wisdom, Dream Journaling, Lists of 100, Perspectives, and Unsent Letters.  It is especially profound to dialogue with your body as it gives powerful messages as to what is needed for your optimal health and healing.  Unsent letters is really a great way to relieve tension and defuse anger when you are upset with someone.  Writing five blessings a day can help lift you to a higher perception of the goodness flowing into your life!  So begin experimenting with different ways to write in your journal and you will discover a valuable resource for your self-care and development.