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Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciusness by Dr. Valerie Hunt
Book review by Debra Saxton

In Infinite Mind: Science of Human Vibrations of Consciousness,  Dr. Valerie Hunt takes us on a journey to get a deeper understanding of the human energy system, the science behind it and how it can be used to effect transformation and increase spirituality.

Dr. Hunt begins her foray into researching the human consciousness by recording the altered state of mind of a student. She was intrigued, but had no intention of following up on the student’s request, though she pondered how it could be done. She ultimately agreed to hook an electromygraph to the student, which introduced her to esoteric concepts and new ways of thinking about the human body and conscious thought. That was where her quest to understand whether or not subtle energies were valid.

After 30 years of groundbreaking research — rigorously adhering to the highest scientific standards –– her quest led her to develop the first, comprehensive human energy field model. It also led to an understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness.

We get to join her as she develops her research methodology, which often required her to develop equipment and tools that advanced her studies. We also see how she pulls from other research studies to support or further refine the direction of her research.

Relying not only on science, Dr. Hunt called on mystics, psychics, aura readers, and meditators who became her mentors and teachers and helped ensure the broadest scope of study as possible. This is all occurring at a time where her research led to expanding her own consciousness and to challenge the status quo of what was once irrefutable physiology.

As she delved into the human energy field, her research progressed to determine the role the mind and emotions play on the fields. This led her to develop the concept of a “mind-field” theory, and her conclusion that it exists outside the body.

In the end, she shares how her research led to her own spiritual enlightenment and how it can be an evolutionary goal for us all.  

After reading this book, one comes to appreciate the efforts of this amazing scientist. At times, following her research explanations can be mind boggling, but there are bits of wisdom and her own conclusions sprinkled throughout her commentary that make it all palatable. Gems that you don’t want to miss. This book should definitely be read sequentially in order to follow the logic and reasoning behind her progressive research.